Transfer build tags in Azure Pipelines

Did you ever need to transfer some kind of information from the build into the release pipeline but you didn’t want to store the information in the artifact folder? Did you ever think what can I do and how can I use the build tags in my release pipeline? If your answer is yes then you’re at the right place because this topic is all about how to set the tags in the build pipeline and how to read those tags and put them into release variables.

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Using reaction to a comment in Azure Boards to improve team performance

In Azure Boards, you can add reactions to any comment on any work item type. At first, this can look like a silly improvement and the use case that fist came to my mind was to give thumbs up/down on a comment just to spare some space in the discussion section and to use fewer words in everyday communication. Also, another use case is the voting process for some idea that is revealed as a comment in the discussion section.

But what if we could reuse this feature in our development process to gain some speed in communication and to write fewer work items and be more productive?

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